A Myers-Briggs Type


Have you ever wondered what type of personality you are? There is this awesome test that you should take to find out! It’s called the Myers-Briggs personality test. If you tend to be more of a skeptic, well then take it just for fun. 😉

This will be about INFP types in particular. INFP means introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceptive; as opposed to extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging.

The stereotype about INFPs is that they are fragile emotional snowflakes who cannot deal with facts or hard logic. When in reality, INFPs are more than capable of getting things done when they need to, though they do prefer using emotion over logic. This type can actually be incredibly resourceful and organized, as they will go to any lengths necessary in pursuit of what they believe is right. As a highly pensive type, INFPs are quite focused and often even mistype as judgers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this might blow your minds, but introverts do like to talk. They hate small talk, but if you get them talking about something they are really interested in, they won’t shut up for hours. However, INFP types in particular may be unaware of appropriate social behavior. This tends to keep them quiet because they are uncertain of how to react to a given situation.

INFPs also tend to be bad at explaining things – very bad. They often have a hard time expressing their words, especially in person. However, they often have excellent written communication skills.

INFP types are very sensitive to any kind of criticism, but they don’t like to let it show, and they will often go to great lengths to avoid conflict. However, when an INFP makes a mistake, they know it. They feel it. They will tear themselves apart over it. They will lose sleep because they can’t stop thinking about it. So when they say they’re sorry, know that they mean it. They are their own toughest critic.

And of course, INFPs are dreamers. They try to see the best in people and want to help the world become a better place – from the comfort of their own home, that is! 😉

If you have INFP friends, they are likely to be intense, passionate, and idealistic individuals, but the quiet and relaxed exterior of an INFP can be most deceiving. But if you are friends with an INFP, here are some of the things that really stress them out, so that you can try to avoid them:

  • Rigidity in rules and timelines
  • Having values violated
  • Not enough time alone, too much extraverting
  • Too many demands on their time
  • Small talk
  • A lack of authenticity from others
  • Having their creativity stifled
  • Having to focus too extensively on sensory/concrete details
  • Criticism or confrontation
  • Fear that they might lose someone or something (relationship, friendship, task, etc.)

I could go on and on about this type, but that would be too long for a post, so I will stop here. But if you have an INFP friend, take this information with you. They often won’t talk about what’s going on even though they may want to desperately! If they feel that they will be a burden on another, they will bottle it all up inside rather than make the other person uncomfortable by letting their intentions/thoughts/feelings known. Be positive! Be encouraging! And you will have the most loyal friend for life. INFPs will stay by your side, no matter what. 🙂

If you didn’t guess from this post, yes, I am an INFP. 😉


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