Red Heart Necklace

Chloé Aubel from danslairdutemps‘s shop on Etsy sent me this pretty necklace to review! It was shipped on February 21st from Nancy, France and arrived on March 1st to me in California, so the wait really wasn’t very long. It came in a cute little brown and black polka-dot package with a card and a pleasant note from Chloé. I was very excited when I opened it!


The necklace has a red heart overlay on what seems to be part of a French newspaper. It’s very cute!


Here’s a close up of the print behind the heart.


It is definitely a very pretty accessory for almost any outfit.


My only critique about the necklace is that, although the chain is adjustable, it is still a bit too long for me. However, I do like it a lot and I doubt the chain length will stop me from wearing it. 🙂

Overall, I do very much like the necklace and I would definitely recommend it! Thank you very much to Chloé Aubel for sending it to me for this review! ❤

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