North and South


This post will be a movie review. Well actually, it’s considered a mini-series. It’s BBC Masterpiece Classic’s North and South.

North and South was based off a novel by the same name written by Elizabeth Gaskell and it is set in the fictional industrial town called Milton in the North of England.

Margaret Hale and her parents are forced to leave their quiet southern rural home and move to Milton – a seemingly brutal world wrought by the troubles of the industrial revolution and organized strikes between the mill workers and their masters, the mill owners.

John Thornton, a cotton mill manufacturer, has a contemptuous attitude to the workers. His demeanor immediately clashes with Margaret’s sympathetic nature toward the poor with whom she soon makes friends.

The series shows the impact she has on the people as well as her conflicted relationship with John Thornton, who begins to show a softer side at times. She discovers facets of his past that have shaped him into the seemingly cold, hard man that he is.

Despite their northern and southern differences and class differences, Margaret and John have a lasting effect on each other. The show documents the budding romance between two initially very different people.

I’ll try to keep any spoilers out of this review for those of you who haven’t seen it. It is most definitely one of my most favorite films! Unfortunately, Netflix has decided to take it down at the end of the month. 😥

If you haven’t seen it yet, do go watch it while you can! It’s such a moving story and such a beautiful romance. It isn’t sappy or mushy like most romance films, and it is very well done. It truly is a masterpiece!

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