Bella Marie: Suede Almond-Toe Classic Pumps


Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely love, love, LOVE these shoes! They’re so cute! And they make your feet look so small! #bonus

Now let’s get into the actual review! 🙂

I ordered these off of Amazon for $25.99 plus tax. I was able to get free shipping through the Prime membership and it only took two days to ship, although it did take a day to prepare for shipping, so really a total of three days.


Front ViewSide View

Did I mention they are the cutest shoes?! I always have such a hard time finding classic round-toe pumps that I actually like and I feel like I really lucked out on these!

The approximate heel height is about 4″ including the 0.25″ platform. They really don’t seem that high though when worn. They do seem to have a bit of a padded insole, which I hope will last. I haven’t worn them all day, but I have worn them for a few hours at a time and they don’t seem all that uncomfortable. They are made out of a suede material, so things like hair (keep the pets away!) will cling to them. But the good news is that they seem to clean easily. I just have to brush them off with a gentle brush or a clean cloth that doesn’t shed and they are good as new.

I am very satisfied with this purchase and I would definitely recommend them! And did I mention the cute name brand? Bella Marie! How pretty! 🙂

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