8 Steps to Stop Procrastinating



Disclaimer: photo found on Pinterest.


As I’m writing this I’m curled up in bed, fresh-faced and sleepy, trying to wake up with a steaming cup of coffee in my favorite mug. I know I have class to get to in about an hour and a half, but instead of getting ready, I am procrastinating. Why? Because it’s a Wednesday and I’m already dreaming of the weekend. In the spirit of procrastination, I thought I would write down eight tips on how to stop procrastinating. 😉

1. Get rid of distractions.

Get away from anything that isn’t required for your task. This includes turning off your cellphone, computer, social media, television, and anything else that usually distracts. Once you’re free of these distractions, you can begin to focus on the task you are trying to accomplish.

2. Prioritize.

Distractions and procrastination go hand-in-hand. So if you can put together a ranking of which things are more important than others, you’ll at least have an idea of where to start. Deciding what to start on first has really been a help for me.

3. Motivation.

I find this one comes in handy for me. Having something to look forward to after your project is finished will motivate you to actually get started. This can be whatever, big or small, as long as it is something that will push you through to the end.

 4. Use headphones.

If there are distracting noises around you, then use headphones. You can play some music, unless it comes as a distraction, or even just use the headphones without the music to help blot out any surrounding noises. I personally do prefer to listen to some soft music when I’m working on a project.

5. Set a time limit.

Okay, this one is optional. It works for some, but not others. Personally, I don’t use this one because then I find I’m anxiously watching the time rather than focusing on the task at hand. But if time limits work well for you, then absolutely, go for it!

6. Know when you’re productive.

Maybe this one is a no-brainer, but if you try to accomplish a task when you’re already tired you probably won’t get much done. So get started on it while you are still wide awake and feeling preppy.

7. Accountability.

Simply asking a friend or family member to remind you of your task when you get distracted can help a lot! I even like to write little notes about it and look at them every now and again to remind myself.

8. Reward.

Once your task is done, go ahead and reward yourself! A job done well is definitely something to celebrate, so go ahead and watch that next episode on Netflix, have a brownie, take a walk, etc.

I hope this helps! I have a massive problem with procrastinating and this is definitely something I can use as well. Thanks for giving it a read! 🙂

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