A Healthy Remedy to Illness

rose flower and essential oil. spa and aromatherapy

Hey everyone! Before I get too far into this, Happy Easter!! 🙂 I know I missed my usual Friday review, but I’ve been so busy that keeping up with the blogging content has been really stressful, so I’ve decided not to give myself a schedule for posts. To ease the stress and to be able to write about more relevant things, I’ll be posting a little less frequently — just until I can get back on my feet.

Let me start out by saying that I understand that healthy life choices can often be more expensive than less-healthy alternatives, especially when it comes to food. But in the long run, isn’t a healthy body, a strong immune system, and the overall peace of mind that comes with it worth it? I think so. That’s why I’ve decided to make some changes. Let me explain what brought this decision about.

I recently got sick, but it was different for me than other times. Usually when I catch a common cold I can get over it in a few days, but this time around it really hit me hard and left me dangling on the edge of my rope. It started out as your average cold symptoms, a cough here, a runny nose there. But then it really started to dig in! I couldn’t get out of bed, I had no appetite, I couldn’t even bare to have the lights on or the curtains open because the light hurt my eyes so much. I was in pain. Then to top it off, I woke up one day with a dreadful shooting pain in my ear and this deafening ringing sound bouncing around inside my head! I was so worried! I had never had an ear infection before in my entire life and I had no idea what was going on! I had my brother drive me to Urgent Care where the kindly doctor prescribed me some medication and sent me home. He gave me a cough medicine, amoxicillin, and a strong ibuprofen. Well, the cough medicine didn’t work AT ALL. That was really frustrating! But what was worse is that while the ibuprofen did a splendid job of numbing the pain, the amoxicillin didn’t seem to be doing a thing. Almost a whole week had gone by and I still could barely hear out of my ear. Oh and by this time the infection had spread to both of my ears! I felt like I was going  deaf and I was not at all pleased. I could barely work or go to my classes. I couldn’t sing in the choir at church. It was bad and I needed an antidote quick. So I went back to the lovely doctor and told him my dilemma: I needed something stronger to clear it up in a day or two tops so that I could go back to work.

He seemed shocked that after so many days the infection was still there. He told me it looked like my eardrum might burst, and then I started crying. I hate crying in public, but I just couldn’t help it! I didn’t want to risk losing my hearing and I didn’t know what to do. He decided to change my medication and gave me some ear drops. I started taking the new meds right away, I didn’t want to lose a second! But after a couple of days, there was still no improvement. I was at my wits end. Finally a friend told me to ask about a Z-Pak. At this point, I was more than willing to try something else, so I went back again to the doctor and asked for a change in my prescription. He seemed hesitant, but he did it. I was on the Z-Pak for five days and was told to keep using the ear drops. There was a slight change for the better during this time, but nothing drastic. Then I did something that I should have done from the very beginning.

I turned to my trusty essential oils. I started swabbing my ears with tea tree oil twice a day, and within two days, there was a significant improvement! Count on a natural holistic approach to be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs any day! I have now been using the tea tree oil for about three days and the infection is gone and I almost have my complete hearing back. It’s not at a hundred percent just yet, but it’s getting there quicker than any prescription I’ve tried. I am even considering using the tea tree oil as an ear drop to improve it even faster.

When I said at the beginning that I wanted to make some changes, I meant it. I have already started incorporating healthier foods into my diet and I’ve started exercising a little more frequently. I have been drinking so much more water than usual and trying to get more sleep. I’ve been using a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser regularly as well. Overall, I’ve just been trying to take much better care of myself than I was, and I can already feel a difference! Healthy alternatives are always the better choice.

I know this post has been longer than usual, but I said I would give you all an update, so here it is. I would love to hear your own thoughts about what works for you! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday, or as I like to call it, Resurrection Day! Happy Easter everyone! ❤

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