Why I’m Not Vegan Anymore

Why I'm not vegan anymore

Hey everyone! So I don’t mean to offend any vegetarians or vegans reading this (I love you all! 😉 haha), this is just what happened for me. Keeping in mind that different people’s bodies process foods differently, for some reason my body couldn’t function properly on this diet.

When I was sixteen, I went through this phase where I thought it was “cool” to be vegetarian. So, as much as I loved meat, I decided to give it up. That lasted for about a year before I started to think that being vegan was cooler than being vegetarian, and I knew some vegan people, so I decided to ask them how to transition into a vegan lifestyle and I gave it a go. Little did I know that a lot of vegan foods are artificial and can be incredibly unhealthy.

A little while after I started on the vegan diet, I lost all of my energy. I was eating all the “right” foods, but I felt weak. I went through periods where I was either hungry all the time or I would completely lose my appetite altogether. It was horrible! And to top it off, it was expensive.

I started asking my friends why I felt like this and I googled the heck out of it. The answers that I got went something like, “Oh that’s just your body adjusting, you’ll pass that phase in a few weeks.” So I waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Weeks went by and I started getting moody, I was annoyed all the time. I just felt all out of sorts and I started obsessing over what I could and couldn’t eat on this diet. Then one day I hit my limit.

I ate meat! It was so incredibly satisfying! I hadn’t had it in two years and by now my body seemed to be craving nothing but meat. Of course, once I got my head out of the clouds and started reading up on scientific research about why being vegan isn’t very healthy, I made the switch back immediately.

By this time though, my body had grown accustomed to not processing dairy. That became a problem quickly. To this day, I still get sick a little when I eat dairy, but it’s worth it for things like ice cream and cheesecake! 😉

When I began reincorporating meat into my diet though, I almost threw up. It was too much. I had to start little by little to get my body use to it again. And let me tell ya, I learned my lesson!

I would never go back to being vegan ever. I love meat too much, and my health is more important than a diet will ever be. I know that there are a lot of vegans out there who seem perfectly fine with a vegan diet, and that’s their choice — I won’t hold it against them. Different diets do differ from person to person, I know that. But for me personally, going vegan is definitely off the table.

I’d love to hear your reactions to a vegan lifestyle or even dieting in general! ❤

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