Beauty and the Beast: A Review


Hey everyone! WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW! If you don’t care about the spoilers than keep reading! 🙂

I recently went to see Beauty and the Beast in the theaters, even though I was already skeptical about it, and I have so many things I want to talk to you about regarding this movie! 

I had heard so many negative things about Disney’s “first gay character” that I was already preparing myself for it, and I had been warned that the soundtrack was mostly auto-tuned. It really didn’t take much to guess that this movie wouldn’t be an accurate remake of the original Beauty and the Beast that we all love so much.

What I wasn’t really prepared for were the terribe, terrible CGI special effects. The green screens were so obvious throughout the whole movie. There were times that the cameras did a span around the room and they actually blurred it out because the details in the room looked SO FAKE!

The first time you are introduced to the Beast, you are not terrified by the fact that he is a beast, but you have to refrain from laughing because he looks so fake! He doesn’t look scary at all. He doesn’t really act scary either. It was laughable.

Don’t even get me started on Emma Watson playing Belle. She was the absolute worst choice to play Belle. She was too much of a tomboy and she didn’t really display the real love of books that Belle is known for. She wasn’t pretty enough for the role of Belle, who was meant to be one of the most beautiful Disney princesses. The whole town even sings about her beauty having no parallel and yet in this remake of Beauty and the Beast, there are more attractive women in the town than Belle! Emma Watson isn’t unattractive, but she is definitely not “the Belle of the ball” and she failed miserably in portraying Belle’s beauty, inward and outward, as well as carrying through far too much of “tomboyish” characteristics for a character who was known to be a gentle, quiet, loving girl.

The singing was awful throughout the entire film. The only redeeming quality about the music was Audra McDonald’s songs, Josh Groban’s end credit song, and Celine Dion sang as well. Everyone else was terribly auto-tuned. Emma especially was so obviously auto-tuned that it was almost painful to listen to. They added in songs that are not in the original soundtrack, and they weren’t even necessary songs; they were just a bunch of filler. They weren’t even original compositions; they were dull and lifeless.

As far as the gay thing went, that wasn’t in the original play either. However, it was more of “suggestive content” than an explicit scene. You could definitely tell that they were trying very hard to make Lefou gay, but it didn’t really play out much at all. Again, unnecessary changes that they made to make it “more modern”.

On a relatively unimportant side note, Dan Stevens was pretty great (except for his singing.. that wasn’t so great). At the end especially, everyone is dancing in the castle and he is wearing this pretty blue suit and he’s dancing with Emma (I refuse to call her Belle), and he just looks so fabulously handsome! I promise I don’t have a crush! Maybe I have a crush.. Haha! 😉

To sum it up, I was very unimpressed with this movie. They could have done it so much better than they did. They had a 160 million dollar budget, and they made it look so much cheaper. I was very disappointed in the whole thing, so much so that I even pulled out my phone at several times because I was bored. My brother and I were the only ones in the theater and we basically laid down on the chairs and almost fell asleep. It just wasn’t good enough to pay that much attention to. Badly done Disney, badly done.

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