San Dimas Festival of Arts


I went to the 41st San Dimas Festival of Arts show with my phone camera primed and ready for plenty of pictures  (I don’t have an actual camera, but I am looking for one). I started to take pictures of some of my favorite pieces and then noticed some people eyeing me uncomfortably. I took that as a signal that I should probably ask for permission to take pictures.

I hurried back to the main desk to ask the people in charge if I could take pictures and to my intense disappointment the main guy said no. I tried to tell him that I’m a blogger looking to write a post about the festival and he still didn’t budge. Didn’t he understand that I had nothing but the best intentions!?Finally I respectfully put my phone away and just enjoyed the show. Then I had a brilliant idea! What if I asked each artist individually if I could display pictures of their artwork on my blog as a review? I was anxiously anticipating their responses. I was hoping beyond hope that they would say yes, or at least that my favorite artists would say yes. But at the same time, I was preparing myself for a lot of “no, thank you”s in response to my question. I mean why would a professional artist let an impertinent young girl take a whole bunch of pictures of their artwork and get away with it for free? I probably wouldn’t if I were them. Those paintings took a lot of hard work and time. But nonetheless, I was determined to ask every single one of them.

I ended up asking only a few select ones. They let me take a picture of them standing next to their respective galleries. Again, being that I used my phone camera, the pictures weren’t as clear quality as I would have liked (darn android! Haha). However, I will be back at the next show with my new camera.

There was quite a bit of impressionistic art this time around. I do like impressionistic paintings, but I seem to have moved on to a passion for more realistic paintings.

All of the art was exceptional, but there were far too many artists to cover in one post, so I chose a few artists that really stood out to me. Their paintings were all very clear and bright, very crisp and well defined. They looked very “clean” to me, for lack of a better word. They were also incredibly lifelike.

I was so taken by the work of Keith Batcheller in particular. He graduated with Honors from the Art Center College of Design. He has an impressive background working as an illustrator for Hollywood and Walt Disney movies as well as the Air Force Art Collection, just to name a few. He uses oil paints as his medium and has been honored with several awards.


The glare from the lights above the paintings reflects badly on my phone, so I took a close up of the girl.


Another artist that I liked had a similar “clean”, crisp style to that of Keith. Her name is Carol Heiman-Greene. She had almost no formal training in art until majoring in illustration at college. She has also won numerous awards and uses primarily oil paints. Her main focus seems to be wildlife.


Due to the poor image quality from my phone camera, I took a close up of the bird she’s pointing at.


Last but not least of my favorites was Dennis Zervas. According the catalog, Zervas said this about his work, “I started out in biomedical illustration but have always been in awe of the beauty of wildlife…I can’t emulate the perfection of God’s creativity, so for the past 30 years, I’ve done my best to interpret it in my way.” I think that says it all. His work with wildlife can only be described as genius. His paintings make you feel the presence of the wildlife that he represents, which is really incredible.


I can’t apologize enough for the blurry photo on this one! My phone wouldn’t seem to focus at all. Again, I did take a close up of the painting he is standing next to.


I am disappointed in my poor quality images on this post, I have to apologize for them. As I mentioned before, they were all taken on my android phone.

That sums up my day at the San Dimas Festival of Arts this year. I really enjoyed it and hope to be back again next year!

Thanks so much for reading! Leave a like and comment your thoughts! 🙂

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