How I Almost Died

That Time I Almost Died (1)

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be able to swim and for as long as I can remember I’ve never learned. I have trust issues with people in the water. I don’t believe when my friends tell me they won’t let go. This is my life, my only life, and I just can’t risk it to be able to say I went in the deep end, ya know?

My inability to swim is definitely one of the reasons I don’t go to the beach frequently. I also don’t have my own pool. I’m poor, okay, I can’t afford a pool. But I still love the water.

People tend to be shocked though when I tell them I’ve only been to the beach like 4 times in my life. It’s okay, you’re just in shock. Remember to breathe. Better? Good, let’s go on. Continue reading

A College Rant


“What’s your major?”, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, “Where are you planning on transferring to?”

These are all questions that I’ve gotten more than once because of college. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you’re in college pursuing your goals, that’s great and those questions may not disturb you at all. Follow those dreams. 😉

But for me, college wasn’t something that I ever wanted to do. Growing up, I actually dreaded having to prep for the SATs and just the thought of going to college scared the heck out of me. I ended up just skipping the SATs because who really needs that extra stress?? Not me! I just wanted to be done with school. Continue reading

10 Things About Me


Want to know a little bit more about me? Like what my favorite color is? It’s blue — cornflower blue. I got this idea from Pinterest and I thought it would be a fun post to make! I never did make a “get to know me” post, so I guess this can sort of be that.

Here are 10 things about me:

1. I love Jesus.

I am first and foremost a Christian. Jesus is not just a part of my life, He is my life. The moment I surrendered to Him was the saving moment in my life. He changed my life for the better forever. ❤

2. Coffee is my one true love. Continue reading

When I Saw Josh Groban In Concert

Why I Love Books (1)

Have you ever done something or gone somewhere and the memory of it is just so incredible to you that you know you will never forget it? This was one of those times for me. I was sixteen years old, and it was Josh Groban!

I couldn’t believe it when I was presented with the opportunity to go see him perform at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a dream come true! Ever since his album “Closer” came out in 2003, I was a massive fan of his. Okay fine, I still am! Haha! I was so excited, it was literally all I could think about. It consumed my every waking moment!

Continue reading