Top 5 Pet Peeves // New Blog Name

top 5 pet peeves

I CHANGED MY TITLE!!! Did that come out in all caps??? Oops! I get excited about these things, okay?! Haha! I was having MAJOR doubts about my blog name, so I talked it over with a friend and I’ve decided to change it from “A Modest Soul” to “Quite Simply Annie”. I just don’t think that the original title really expressed my blog content very well and “Quite Simply Annie” is nice and short and chic and I like it a lot better. 🙂

Enough rambling.. on to the post! 😉

You know how some things just really get on your nerves? Like to the point where you want to pull out all of your hair? Or to the point where you’re ready to just throw in the towel? Yup, me too! Here are my top 5 pet peeves!

1. Slow drivers.

I feel like this is actually really relatable.. (even if it’s not, just humor me, will ya?) 😉

Slow drivers are somethin’ else, but not in a good way. I find myself wanting to pass them all the time. Especially since I’m usually always running late. It’s just like “Whyyyy, people??? Why must you go slower than the flow of traffic?? WHY?!” Can you tell I feel very strongly about this? Haha!

2. Annoying customers.

I just want to start off by saying that not all customers are annoying. Some of them are really nice. But not most of them. Most of them get annoying fast. I work in the food industry and I’m always having to deal with customers with attitudes. It’s the most irritating experience ever. And I do mean EVER. It’s too irritating to talk about.. let’s move on.

3. Facebook invites.

Is there anything more annoying than constant Facebook invites? From games to groups to chats, you name it! It’s just one thing after the other. It’s like a constant nagging. Your social media is screaming look at me, love me, give me attention. Maybe it’s an extreme solution, but I ended up just deleting mine. Who needs Facebook anyway? Maybe I’ll regret it later. I doubt it though. In fact, I’m %100 sure that I won’t.

5. My phone.

First off, can I just say spellcheck??? What the heck is up with spell check?? It’s like my phone is trying to be helpful but it just turns a normal sentence into some random sentence that doesn’t even make sense. I’m pretty sure my phone hates me. My phone also sends texts to friends. Texts that I never sent. Texts that I never typed. In fact, my friend at work showed my a text she got from me and asked why I randomly texted it to her. I was shocked. I had done what? I didn’t remember that. Then I pulled out my phone and there was no text. We stared at our phones and then each other and then started laughing hysterically. Apparently my phone has a mind of it’s own.

In short, don’t pet the peeves. Stay away from the peeves. Far, far away. In a galaxy far, far away.. cue Star Wars theme

About the updated blog name, I will probably change my URL name as well to Quite Simply Annie in the next few weeks. I’ll try to give you guys an exact date by next Saturday. To keep updated, go ahead and click that follow button. 😉

Also!! Be sure to check me out on YouTube! I have a link to it at the top, it’s called My YouTube. 😀




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