What If…


Another day on my blogging challenge! Is it day 4? I think it’s day 4.

Today’s topic is “what if.” Everyone has at least one “what if” scenario they think about. I have some of my own.

Like this one, what if I fall..?

It may sound silly to some, but tripping over my own two feet is kind of the norm for me. Everywhere I go, I wonder what in the world I will do if I fall. How do you pick yourself up from that? Especially in public?! #awkward

What if I could do everything I ever wanted? Well that begs the question what in the world do I want. Hmm.. That’s a hard one. I’ll get back to you on that one.

What if I don’t like it? I’m talking about food here. Obviously. When I go out to eat, I go to all the same places and order all the same things. I don’t change it up. I know what I like. Why would I change that? Sometimes though, sometimes I’m tempted to try something new. But then I think, well what if I don’t like it?? There’s no going back from that decision. Once you’ve spent the money and tasted the food, you can’t unspend the money or untaste the food. It’s permanently done. That scares me. I know I’m weird, I’ve accepted it, let’s move on.

What if I never get things done? This is a real fear for me because I procrastinate like nobody’s business. It’s actually quite a problem. I don’t see it changing anytime soon either. 😉

What if I make the wrong decision? I hate making decisions. I’m always afraid I’ll make the wrong one. Lately though, I’ve come to realize that I have to decide things on my own. It’s getting easier as the decisions come and go. Someone once said, “You are one decision away from a totally different life.” Positively inspirational, amirite?!

What if I slept in tomorrow? This runs through my head every day to be honest, but especially on the weekend because I have to work on the weekend. If I slept in on Saturday mornings I might get fired though. Every Saturday morning I wonder if that would really be a bad thing. Right before I get myself out of bed.

What if Harry Potter was really in a coma and dreaming for 7 years because he ran head first into a wall at a train station? Ok, Ok. Credit where credit is due, I snatched this one off  of Pinterest. 😉

This post was a little different. I know. Thanks for reading along! ^_^






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