My Bucket List

My Bucket List

I’ve had a crazy week so far and haven’t had time to properly prepare for today’s post. So this post has had no fore-thought, it’s completely spontaneous, and it’ll probably be kinda short. Oops! Such is life! 😉

I’ve decided to take a break from the blogging challenge for this week. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and what I would like to be doing. I came up with so many ideas that I figured why not make a post about it! I’ll only include a few things for now, but let’s get started!

I’d like to travel the world for one! I’m a small town girl who’s never been out of California and let me tell you, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than travel! I want to see the world! And by the world, I mean primarily Europe. 😉

I’ll be taking a short trip to Colorado Springs to visit some family soon and I can’t wait! It’s not too far away, but it’s a start.

I’d also like to make a music album at some point. Music is something I’ve always loved but it’s something that I’m just not that great at. So if I were to actually do this one, it would just be for me. But I’d still like to do it!

Having a home of my own is a dream of mine! Living on my own would be fantastic and I can’t wait till the day comes that l will be self-sufficient (except for relying on the grace of Jesus, because I can’t do life alone).

Owning my own studio is also a dream of mine. It’s a far off dream, but a dream nonetheless! I would love to have an art gallery/studio! That would be all kinds of incredible!

Speaking of an art studio, I would love to learn how to paint. I plan on learning sometime this year. Pencil drawing is fun, but colors make the world go round! Just kidding. Colors make the world pop out. Life would be dull in black and white. I love color.

I’d LOVE so much to get more into photography! I’m also interested in videography! There’s so much you can do with it and I’d love to work more with it. I’m learning that it definitely is NOT easy, but it’s so worth it!

Last, but definitely not least, I want to learn how to drive stick shift! I’ve always wanted to learn and I had a friend who said he would teach me but nothing ever came of that… I don’t have a stick shift car anyway.. haha! Oh well. Someday I’ll learn. SOMEDAY. Hopefully. Maybe.

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