Going Natural

Going Natural

Hey there, friends! I have this really bad habit of wanting to change my hair color. Like a lot. I’m just never really satisfied with the same color for very long.

But, recently, I’ve been letting my hair grow out a bit because it’s so damaged. As it’s been growing, I’ve started to realize my roots are actually darker than I remembered. It’s not a bad thing, I’ve always liked dark hair.

I had been considering going blonde, especially now that it’s summer. But I don’t think I will. I kinda like having my roots back.

I’m gonna let it grow out all the way. I don’t even remember what the exact color was anymore. I do remember though, that my hair was always super soft and shiny before I started coloring it, so I’m really looking forward to having that back!

I had some difficulty initially with letting it grow because it didn’t seem to be growing very fast, but lately it’s started growing pretty well and I’ve noticed a big change in the texture of it. A good change 😉

It’s getting back to being soft. But of course, it is still very damaged.

I can’t wait to get back to my natural hair color! When I do have it back, I might consider getting just a few little highlights. But I may not have to because my natural hair highlights pretty naturally during the summer months as it is.

When it gets long enough, I will probably start to cut off my hair bit by bit till I get rid of all the damaged parts. But I don’t know how short I’ll cut it. I doubt I’ll cut it past my shoulders, if that. I don’t like having short hair.

I mean, it looks cute on other people. But it doesn’t really work for me. I’ve always like really long, luscious hair. But what girl doesn’t?!

So, yeah. #hairgoals

I know this is more of a girly post, but I’m really happy about finally getting back to my roots! hahahaha! 😉

Did you get the joke? hehe

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