Five Favorite YouTubers

favorite youtubers

I’m one of those people who will binge-watch pretty much anything I get attached to. Yes, that includes YouTube. I used to be a solely Netflix binge-watcher, but the tides have changed. YouTube is great. There are so many fun people to watch on there. But how do you know which ones to start with??

Well, here’s 5 of my favorites:

 1. Jess and Gabriel.

Jess and Gabriel Conte have been favorites of mine for a long time now. And yes, I’m including their individual channels on here too. I’ll just group them all together. Jess and Gabriel Conte are Christian, she’s Australian, he’s American. They’re funny, cute, talented. They’re about my age and very relatable. There’s really nothing about them that I don’t like. 5 stars from me!

2. Katie Gregoire.

I’ve been a fan of Katie since Blimey Cow. So a pretty long time now! I feel like I can vibe with her about a lot of things. Just life in general, really. She’s just very relatable. She’s also Christian, around my age, and just really funny. Her videos are always awesome.

3. The Freckled Fox.

Emily Meyers, the freckled fox, is so, so sweet. Her channel ranges from beauty to advice to just everyday life. She’s got a beautiful family and an even more beautiful story. I’ve been watching her for quite some time. I started out with her blog, which is also so, so great, and moved to her channel from there. I haven’t regretted it at all. She’s really cool.

4. Kristin Johns.

SHE’S SO CUTESY. I don’t think that can be overstated. She’s just the sweetest human on the internet. She does mostly beauty videos with some challenges and fun videos with her husband. But she’s just so darn cute.

5. Mechanical Ninjineer.

I don’t really have much to say about this one. He’s a maker. He’s a friend. I can’t build things to save my life (most of the things I touch end up breaking haha), but I still like his channel. His videos are sprinkled¬†with humor and he’s got some pretty unique ideas.

Well, I think that was it. All 5 of them. Whew! That was a hard day’s work.

wipes sweat from brow

This was a fun post to write! What are some of your favorite things to watch?

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