My Bedroom Remodel // Pinterest Inspo


bedroom remodel

photo courtesy of Pinterest

That picture is NOT my bedroom. Just thought I would clear that up. I wish it were.

But it’s not. Buuut…

For the first time in forever, I actually have my own room. Oh the feels.



I have a problem with leaving my room a mess.. But it’s an organized mess, okay?! So it’s alright.

Moving on…

My room is kind of small and it’s gotten to be very cluttered. I hate that. So I’ve decided to make some changes!

cue drumroll

A bedroom remodel!! I’m actually really excited about it. I love doing home decor stuff so, so much. Like a lot. And Pinterest has been great too. I love all of their inspo! I actually just really love Pinterest. Pinterest is my soulmate. If I could marry Pinterest, I probably would.


I would show pictures, but it’s not really photo worthy right now.. But I’ll definitely have to do another post to show you guys around my room when it’s finished!

For one thing, I’m clearing out a bunch of old stuff and setting up a corner for YouTube.

I also finally have a music corner in my room that I’m really happy about! And a sound system and everything that I’m setting up. So that’s really cool.

I keep Dobby, my baby gecko, in my room too. So he’s got his own little corner.

I need to finish cleaning up all the stuff that is currently lying around on the floor, clear out space in the closet for my clothes (long story), and get new curtains!

I actually found these really pretty grey and white shimmery rose patterned curtains and I was so happy about them. But silly me, I forgot to measure my window space before buying them and I got the wrong size. And they turned out to be sheer. So umm.. yeah, that wouldn’t have worked well. So I’m still on the lookout for some nice curtains. Feminine, but not too girly.

I want my room to be chic and cutesy, but not to scream a girl lives here. Ya know?!

Like let’s not overdo the pink or frills or stuff like that. I kind of like having a white, more neutral theme. So I think overall, I’m going to stick with that. I’d like to rearrange some of the art in my room too. I want some nice simple, pretty, statement art pieces to hang on the walls. Because, umm.. well.. I like art. Who doesn’t?!

So yeah! That’s what I’ve been busy with this week so far. It’s not quite done, like I said, but it is starting to really come together! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! 🙂

I keep finding myself looking to Pinterest for ideas and I just can’t make up my mind! If I’m able to do it though, I think I might paint one wall kind of a dark grey.. (like in my blog photo above). I like that look a lot, so I might do that.

We’ll see what happens though! When it’s all finished, I might do a video room reveal. If I ever make up my mind! Haha

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