I Can’t Decide


Why are decisions so hard?! I’m talking to those of you who, like me, can never make up your mind. I just can’t decide. Really though, I never can.

And it’s not even the hard decisions that get me, it’s the really simple ones. Like what flavor smoothie to get at McDonald’s. Just kidding. I don’t like McDonald’s.

More like what flavor shake to get at In N Out.

Or what color to paint my walls.

Or what pattern curtains to use.

It drives me crazy. I mean what if I make the wrong choice?!

What if I choose one and then later realize that I really should have chosen the other?!

It’s a scary thing to do, this decision-making business. There’s always all this talk about trusting your gut. How the heck do you do that?! I can’t do that.


There’s this one quote that I like (from Pinterest, of course) and I’ll just put it here for you to read because I really liked it:

“How will you know if it’s the right decision if you never make it?”

And like I said, I really liked this quote. But now I’m reading it again and I’m just not sure. Shouldn’t you be able to decide if it’s right or not before you make it? I certainly hope so. Cause I really don’t decide things well. #thestruggle

If I’m with someone else, I’ll make them choose things for me. It’s probably really annoying to them, but I can’t help it.

If I’m going somewhere with a friend and they ask me where I want to go.. Lord help us, because I’ll be making that decision till Kingdom come!

Decision-making just isn’t my forte. It’s not my thing. I’m really very bad at it.

I need to be around someone who knows what they need to do because if I’m around someone as fickle as me, we just won’t get things done.

I think I might need some serious help. Oops.




4 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide

  1. omg this is me in a post!!!! literal PREACH! MY only answer to anything is “I don’t mind!” or “I’m happy with either!” because I always put it on someone else to decide haha I’m so awful at it! xx

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