Short Hair?!


Short Hair-! (1)

I missed writing my post on Saturday because I was so busy at work. I should have done it earlier in the week but I didn’t get around to it. So here it is, a  whole two days late.

I’m sorry. Oops.

Buuut here ya go! I have a dilemma. A really, really serious dilemma…

I recently had to cut off a few inches from my hair just due to damage and all that. I actually didn’t really mind it that much though, it was nice to have a change.

I’m trying to grow out 5-6 years of hair dye/bleach damage and my roots are coming in strong! But I had a thought. As I’m growing it out, wouldn’t now be the perfect time to try a short hairstyle?!

I’m nervous about it. I’ve never had short hair a day in my life. None of the girls in my family have short hair. The shortest my hair has even been was shoulder length.

I kinda want to try it, but what if it looks terrible?!

Pinterest isn’t helping me either. I keep finding myself scrolling through all these super cutesy short hairstyles and wondering how I would like it if I made the cut…

My hair right now is about shoulder length, but this is the picture I keep coming back to:


Isn’t that just sooooo cute?!?!

Should I do it?! Should I not do it?! Heeeelp 😛

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