Dogs vs. Cats

Dogs vs. Cats

It’s late when I’m typing this, it’s like 11 pm. It’s been a long day, I’m really tired, and I can’t gather my thoughts very well. So if this post is a little odd, that’s why. 😉

But here goes.

You know how people always ask you if you’re a dog person or a cat person?

I always used to say that I liked dogs and cats equally and that I really just love all animals in general. I never wanted to be that person that didn’t like one animal in particular.

Is that weird?!

But now I’m older. I say that with about as much importance as a 21 year old can. 😉

assumes an air of responsibility and maturity

Now I’m older and I can say it without flinching. Without any regrets.

I am a dog person.

It’s not that I don’t like cats… or any other animal. I do like other animals.

But if I had to choose between, say a cat or a dog… I would choose a dog. Everytime.

Dogs are friendly, loyal, compassionate. Dogs are fun, cuddly, sweet, obedient. They really can be your best friend. I love dogs! I have two and they’re the best companions a girl could ask for.

I also have a cat…

She’s somethin’ else…

She’s very picky, very disobedient, very stubborn, very, very clingy. She’s an obstinate little brat, but she’s pretty and so she gets away with it. She likes to jump up on counter tops and desks where she knows she doesn’t belong and just slowly start to knock things down till she gets your attention. -_-

I’m also slightly allergic to cats. That really doesn’t help my opinion of them.

Overall, I just happen to think that dogs are superior to cats.

And I will not be persuaded otherwise.

Long live canines.

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