My First Time in Vegas

My First Time In Vegas.png

It’s another late post, but I had a good reason for not writing yesterday… I went to Las Vegas! I was there all day without my laptop, so I couldn’t write until today.

I’m a California girl, born and raised. Up until yesterday, I’ve never set foot outside the state line or hardly even traveled inside of California.

That thought makes me sad. I’ve always wanted adventure, to see the world. I’ve never really cared for it in California, so I’ve always dreamed of going elsewhere. But I’ve never had the chance.

Well Las Vegas is only like a 3-4 hour drive away, but it is in a different state, so that has to count for something! 😉

My boyfriend’s family was heading out there to visit some relatives and I tagged along. It was quite the drive, but it was fun! Of course they made me get out of the car and take a picture by the Nevada sign, just for kicks. But it was worth it.

Here’s a cheesy blurry photo by the state sign 😉


We didn’t go into the casinos, but as we drove by them I marveled at how fancy the buildings were. It was just like in the movies! Only the surroundings were less fancy… It was basically a pretty building stuck smack dab in the middle of pure desert. So I guess in a way it was just like Southern California, but with fancy buildings…

I’m rambling… am I even making sense?! Oh well.

We met up with the family and ate lunch and then had some ice cream and walked around the mall and just talked. We didn’t really do much sight-seeing or anything like that. Maybe next time we will, if there’s a next time.

It was cool to finally be outside of California, but it was so close to home that it didn’t really feel like I was outside of California.

I want to travel somewhere far away, somewhere where I can feel the distance. I just really want to travel.

The road-trip was fun too! I don’t know how much I liked sitting in the same seat for 3 hours straight, but we had fun in the car. We talked and re-watched Sherlock (yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is just that good) and I took a nap.

Although I was tired by the end of it, it was a good time with some of the best people I know and we made some good memories. That’s really what counts, isn’t it? 😉

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