Hair Problems


Hair Problems

Hey guys! So some of you know I cut my hair, or at least that I was thinking about cutting it. I wrote about it awhile back.

I did make the chop! I’ve had short hair for a little while now and I love it and everyone else seems to like it.

It’s a cute little bob, it’s got some layers for texture, it’s softer and healthier.

It’s all going great.


I’ve had long hair my entire life and while I like the short hair… I miss my long hair.

I can’t decide what to do! I’m definitely gonna get it trimmed just a little shorter in a few weeks so that I can get off as much of the leftover dyed pieces that I can. But after that, do I grow it out?! Do I keep it short?!

I don’t know, I’m so torn.

I do really like the short style! It’s so easy to style and it’s really cute.

But it’s short…

I’m not gonna lie, it takes me out of my comfort zone just a little. At one point my hair was down to my waist, and while I don’t think I would grow it out that long again, I think I might want to grow it out just a little bit…

But Iย just don’t know!

I need help. Like ASAP.

Someone really has to tell me what to do, cause I can’t make this decision on my own.

I honestly think I might grow it out…

Ugh! Why is this such a hard decision?! Should I even bother getting it trimmed if I’m gonna grow it out?!

Somebody help! ๐Ÿ˜›

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