5 Relationship Tips

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Wowza… This is a laaaaate post…. I almost feel bad. Except that it’s so close to Christmas and I’ve honestly been so busy. But time to put the craziness aside, sit down (aka curl up in bed in my coziest jammies with an oversized coffee mug), and write a long overdue blog post!

Whew.. that was a mouthful.

This one is a bit… umm… different? I don’t usually post about this stuff, but I figured ehh.. why not.

Let’s just get into it, shall we?!

1. Don’t rush

This may sound really strange or weird to some people, but I actually never had a relationship before now. I’m 21 and I’m just over 3 months into my first relationship ever. And it’s amazing. I really can’t stress that enough. I’m so lucky to have fallen in love with my best friend and I know he feels the same. But even now that we’re dating, we have boundaries to keep ourselves from rushing ahead. Just make sure that you’ve found the right person before committing to anything. It’s good to take your time, take it slow, and take the time to do it right. I can’t stress that enough.

2. Talk through things

It can be so easy to lose your cool if you’re someone that gets easily frustrated, but taking that out on your significant other can just make it worse. It’s not fair to them either. Just walk away for a bit if you feel you need to cool down and, when you’re ready, try to talk through whatever the situation may be calmly. State your case and be sure to listen to theirs, remember that you’re not the only one with feelings that can get hurt 😉

3. Pray together

As a Christian, I honestly can’t stress this one enough. Praying together, a bible study, or even just reading through your Bible together will bring you so much closer together. You won’t believe the difference it makes. Try it! Remember that a God-centered relationship is ultimately the strongest relationship. You’ll learn to love each other better this way too. 🙂

4. Laugh

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and I believe it. A good laugh is sometimes all it takes to make your time together so much better. Justin and I laugh all the time, it’s so natural for us cause we both love to laugh and can find pretty much anything funny! haha

5. Say I love you

This may sound silly to some, but saying “I love you” (and really meaning it) can have a huge impact on a relationship! I didn’t grow up in a very “mushy, lovey-dovey home” and we didn’t really say that to each other, but I don’t waste those precious moments now. I want to say it while I can, as much as I can. I want him to know, not just by my words, but by my actions too, that I really do love him. I think that’s an important thing for any relationship. 🙂

This is just stuff that I’ve found to be helpful for me, but I hope you all liked it. I wish you all the best and a very, very Merry Christmas!!

As I said in my last post, I’m going to Colorado for Christmas and the new year, so I may or may not post next Saturday. We’ll see. If I have time and remember to bring my laptop, I will definitely try! 🙂

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