I’m Not Dead

I'm Not Dead

Okay, okay. I know I’ve been MIA for like ever. Well, two weeks to be exact, but it’s felt like forever.


Anyway. I’m not dead. Life has just been kinda hectic for awhile and I didn’t really have the time or energy to sit down at the computer and type out a post.

You know what? Just saying that makes me sad. I like doing this, I like publishing new material for you guys. More than that, I love it. 

So, let’s get caught up on some stuff that’s been keeping me away from doing the things I love.

I recently decided to quit my job. (That’s a lie, I knew I was gonna quite for a long time, but I just recently followed through with it.)

Before anyone freaks out and starts asking questions about what I’m going to do, which y’all wouldn’t do cause you’re cool, calm, and collected, right? 😉 I’ve started another job.

Pizza. It’s better hours and better location than my other fast food job, but it’s still food. I’m not gonna say where, but suffice to say that I hope I will find my passion and be able to pursue it for real before too long. I don’t mind having a food type job as a part time thing to pay the bills, but it’s not my dream. Ya know?

I firmly believe that dreams are meant to be chased!

I’m definitely a dreamer and yet I haven’t chased a dream in forever! I seriously can’t even remember the last dream I had that I chased.

Okay, okay. That’s another lie. 😛

I had a dream of writing a short story. But umm… ahem… I didn’t get past the second chapter…

I know. I have a problem with follow through. It’s a struggle you guys. It really is.

But basically I just wanted y’all to know that I do plan on writing more on here and that my temporary absence is just that. Temporary. I’m trying to get my life in order and get the chaos down to a minimum and I will not give up my writing. Time to stay strong! 😉

I’m also planning on getting back on YouTube, cause… well, I kinda forgot I had a YouTube for awhile because I wasn’t posting at all…

But that’s over! I fully intend to have a steady presence on the Tube. I really do miss recording on my camera and editing and figuring out content and all that, so I’m gonna give it another go for reals.

I’m also gonna start doing a lot more reviews, because I really like doing those… so yeah… 🙂

Anyhoo… That’s it for now. This kind of turned into an inspirational thingy. haha

Hope y’all like this post and definitely stay tuned for more!

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