My Testimony

My Testimony

Hey y’all! So here we are again… yet another late post. It’s not my fault though, honest! 😉

I usually keep things pretty light on here, but I thought why not talk about something very dear to me! Most of you probably know that I am a Christian. But probably not many of you know my story.

So today, I thought I would share my testimony with you, because my faith is very important to me. 🙂

Here goes!

I was raised Catholic my whole life. And I don’t mean like the average Catholic, I was a Roman Catholic and my parents were like super strict about everything.

Anyway, I was off at my local community college and I met this girl in choir. We became good friends after awhile and we would argue about religion, because she always had her bible with her. We couldn’t seem to agree about anything, but she invited me to come visit her church. Of course, stubborn me, I said no.

I started going through some personal issues and doubts about my family’s religion. She didn’t know anything about it, but she ended up asking me again to come visit her church. This time I decided to say yes.

I mean, what harm could it do?

So I went, and I decided I didn’t want to go back. I was so sure it wasn’t for me.

After hearing the message of salvation, that Jesus died for me on the cross so that I could be saved, I made a decision to accept Christ as my Savior. But my decision about the church was still there in the back of my mind. I just wasn’t comfortable there.

I stayed there for awhile because I didn’t know where else to go and I didn’t want to leave my friends, but I wasn’t happy.

The summer after that, I went through a time of doubting my salvation. I didn’t know if it was true, if it was sincere, or if I just did it out of guilt. That entire summer I was so lost and I needed answers. So I went through my bible to search for answers.

I finally realized that my salvation hadn’t been genuine. I had made the decision because I was scared into it from the sermon I had heard. I had “accepted” Jesus into my heart out of fear instead of really truly repenting and needing Him.

That day, alone in my room, I fell on my knees and cried out to God to save me. I needed Him and I wanted Him and I was ready to be saved.

That day I was truly saved and it changed my life!

I have since left that church and I’m on the way of looking for a church where I belong and where I can just worship God in freedom. I’m much happier now! 🙂

Living for God is the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m happy to share my story with the rest of you.

I know this was long and kinda different, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better! 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. This is wonderful to hear! God bless you, and thank you for sharing! ❤ I have Catholic friends–just curious to know, do you have any advice for talking to them about Jesus? Like, how would you have wanted someone to talk to you (or not talk to you)? And what would have or has been impactful?

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! As for advice, I was really stubborn about my Catholic roots for a long time and I’m not sure I would have listened to anyone telling me otherwise. I really ended up listening to what the Bible had to say in the end. But a lot of Catholics don’t know the truth about God’s grace in salvation, so I would definitely recommend starting there. Just share the Gospel and how Christ died for all of us and then let Him work on their hearts. And pray for them! I don’t know if that helped at all, but that’s all I know to say 🙂

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