I Quit My Job

I Quit My Job

Hey y’all! I’m back with yet another late post… But are you really surprised…πŸ˜‚ haha

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what’s been going on with my work. I really want to start doing YouTube and blogging full time! #dreams

But I know that’s not going to happen overnight, so while I work toward that goal, I need to find some other work to pay the bills. I did have a job, but ummm… haha… let me tell you what happened…😬

I ended up turning in my two weeks notice at the job I’ve been at for the last three years. It was at a fast food place. I really wanted to get out of the food industry, but I wanted something while I looked that would pay the bills in the meantime. So I ended up getting a job at a pizza place. (I won’t mention names because I don’t want to be a tattle tale haha)

Anyway, I got this job and it was only meant to be temporary, but of course I didn’t tell them that or they wouldn’t have hired me. πŸ™Š It was decent hours and much closer to home, so the drive was much easier on me. But the atmosphere was so, so bad. And the management was even worse!

I was only there for a short time, three weeks I think. But in that time, I wasn’t given any of my ten minute breaks, I broke down multiple times because of harassment from a fellow employee, and I was kept overtime all by myself while they sent the experienced people home. I wouldn’t mind overtime so much if I had my breaks, wasn’t dealing with harassment, and actually knew what I was doing. But since I was still new, I had no idea how to make stuff and they didn’t really take the time or make an effort at training me. Then they would complain that I didn’t know what I was doing, but it wasn’t really my fault. I was willing to learn, I just wasn’t being taught. I was so lost. It was horrible.

On top of all that, my hands started getting all torn up and slightly burned from the sanitizing solution in the soap at work. We had to wash our hands very frequently, and my hands were getting really bad.

I started having problems sleeping because I was stressed all the time knowing that I would have to in to work there.

It got to the point where I ended up just going in and quitting. I didn’t even give my two weeks notice, I just quit right there on the spot.

Because I didn’t work there very long though, I don’t have to list it as work experience. So that’ll be okay.

Anyhoo, right now I’m unemployed. I’m doing much better though! I’ve been searching for a job and I may have a good opportunity at a hotel job soon, so we’ll see how that goes.

I do have some savings to last me for awhile in the meantime, so I’m not completely in trouble yet. But I do still need to find something.

So if any of you have an job suggestions in the high desert/victorville area, let me know!! I’m open to anything right now.

I’d love to hear about your own stories at work! What’s something you love about work or something you’re not too big on?! Let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚

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