How To Be Thankful

How To Be Thankful

Hey y’all! I’m back to the blogosphere after my sickness. I’ve still got a cough and a little bit of congestion, but for the most part I’m right back to functioning like a normal human bean. So that’s an improvement. 😉

During my sickness I was feeling very down and I was kinda whiny and the thought of being thankful during that time wasn’t even on my mind.

But when I went to the Wednesday night bible study at my church after I started feeling better, the lesson was on being thankful in difficult days. I’m incredibly blessed to have a pastor who almost always teaches what I need. I took that lesson to heart and I’d like to share some of what I learned with all of you, along with some bible verses on thankfulness.

We worship God because of who He is, not just because of what He’s done for us. Everything He’s done and continues to do is great, but even without that, God is still God and deserves our praise.

Psalm 69:34 says, “Let the heaven and earth praise him, the seas, and every thing that moveth therein.” 

Psalm 148 is filled with verse after verse about praising the Lord. It’s clear that God deserves praise.

So what does praise have to do with thankfulness? I believe that they’re related. You can’t help but be thankful to the God that you’re actively praising!

It’s good to be thankful when good things happen, to thank the Lord for prosperity, for a happy relationship, for that new house you just got approved for, whatever your good fortune may be. That’s great! And you should be thankful for it! 🙂

However, the bible says to be thankful even in trials and tribulations. That is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time, and I think I’m finally beginning to learn what that means.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

When things get hard, how can you thank God? In those times, I’m learning that I’m not meant to be thankful for the bad things happening, but for who God is. I’m learning to be thankful for His promises, that no matter how bad things get, He will always lead me through it and protect me. He will provide for me.

I can thank the Lord that He never changes. I live in a world that is constantly changing, but God is always the same. He’s my constant, He’s the one I can look to during all the chaos around me to find my bearings, to find rest and stillness.

I can thank God for being in control of my life, because I certainly can’t control everything that happens. I’m not strong enough, but He is.

Speaking of strength, I can thank Him for giving me strength day by day. I can’t do this alone, I can’t live without Him. So I am thankful for His strength, even when I am weak.

Something my pastor said was, “You never know the Lord is enough until He’s all you have.” That’s so true! The wisdom in that is simply tremendous!

I’d like to end on this note: We do not live by circumstances, we live by faith. If I let my circumstances control my life, I’m going to fail. There’s just no way I can get by like that. I live each day leaning on His strength and having faith that He will work everything out for the best. Is it scary sometimes? You bet it is! But I have no other way. He knows what’s best and I don’t, so I need to leave it safely in His loving hands.

Thank you so much for reading along! If you haven’t noticed yet, I do have a link to my YouTube channel at the top of the page, so feel free to check that out. Thanks guys! Till next time! 😉


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