What Bible Version Do I Use?!

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Hey guys, brace yourselves for another post. It’s been like over 2 weeks and I don’t really have a legitimate reason for not posting sooner other than that I was feeling tired and lazy… yep haha 😬😂

But anyway, I got to thinking and I realized that I need to get off Netflix and do something productive. So here we are with another blog post! 🙂

In today’s post, I wanted to tackle kind of a big topic. Different Bible versions…

Now I know that this can be kinda controversial, but I’m honestly not posting this as an argument, this is just my opinion about the Bible versions that I’ve used and continue to use. It’s really just me telling you why I use what I use.

Ready? Let’s get started!

So, I got saved while attending a very strict fundamental Baptist church (where I no longer attend). It was a KJV only church. It was like an unspoken rule that everyone had to use the King James Bible or they were bad Christians somehow. At least that’s the vibe I got from it. So while I was there I used the KJV and that was that.

But I always kind of had a hard time with it. Not only did I not really understand it very well, but I couldn’t seem to focus on it because of the language being very old-school. That caused me to not make it a priority to read my Bible because I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on it very well, if at all, and I didn’t want to just be reading it and not taking any of it in. So I ended up pushing off my Bible reading most of the time. It was really bad for me because it meant I wasn’t in God’s Word except on Sundays in church and even then I couldn’t really pay attention to it.

I had a friend who started reading the ESV (English Standard Version) bible and she really liked it. But I was skeptical about switching Bible versions because I felt like I would be looked down upon or judged if I strayed away from the KJV. That was a long time ago though and I have since changed churches, praise the Lord!

I’m much more at ease at my new church and I know of a few people there who use different Bible versions, although my Pastor preaches from the KJV.

Fairly recently I took the plunge… I bought an ESV Bible. And you guys, I seriously LOVE it. 👏 It has made the biggest difference in my bible reading! I can understand it so much better and I can actually focus on what I’m reading. I actually look forward to reading my Bible now, I take it everywhere with me and just read it when I have a chance. It’s been such a great change for me personally.

I still have my KJV Bible, and I still use it for church because it’s easier for me to follow along with Pastor when we’re using the same version. But in my own personal study time, my own personal reading time, I use the ESV. It’s just better for me.

I know of people who feel very strongly about using different bible versions, and that’s fine. To each their own. But I honestly feel like it doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s God’s Word and He’s speaking to you and you can understand and learn about Him through it, what does it matter whether it’s the English Standard Version or the King James Version, etc?

I’ve come to see that really the important thing is that we’re each reading and understanding God’s Word and spending time with Him and praying. That’s the important thing.

Anyway, I know this has been kind of a rant or a ramble or whatever. But this has been on my heart for awhile and I really wanted to get it out there in case anyone else is struggling with it too. It’s okay to use a different version. 😉

Again though, these are just my own thoughts and opinions.

Thanks so much for reading along!😋😊

2 thoughts on “What Bible Version Do I Use?!

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  2. Your KJV only church which King James Bible Version did they want you and their members to use. There are so many versions that even several KJV-only pepole use an other version than an other KJV-only person. How could a person be a bad Christians when he would not be using exactly the same Bible copy. or version as other members in the congregation?

    Those KJV-onlyists are or seem to be people who do not believe in the Power of God to protect His Own word and do not believe in the sincerity of the many bible translators who are very well aware of their responsibility to bring the Word of God to other people in a language they would be able to understand.
    Letus also not forget that the 17th century folks had not so much material as the translators today and even worked more on other translations then going to a lot of original manuscripts, whilst today we have many more ancient manuscripts at our disposal to make a more accurate contemporary translation.


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