Finding Peace

Finding Peace

I’m gonna be completely transparent with y’all. I really don’t have a specific point to this post. But I’m writing it anyway because it’s just somethin’ I’ve been thinking about, it’s been on my heart for awhile.

So here I am pouring out something I’ve been pondering over and hoping that you guys will think about it with me! 🙂

I have a Bible app on my phone that sends me a verse of the day every day. And to be honest, I don’t always read it. Most of the time I just swipe the notification out of the way instead of clicking on it to see what it says. It’s just me being lazy because I hate notifications.

But the other day, something made me click on the notification.

It was Isaiah 26:3, “You keep him in perfect peace who’s mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

I skimmed it through quickly and then as I was about to click away, I felt a tug on my soul. I stopped and took a moment to read through it word by word and really earnestly consider it’s meaning before I clicked away and continued on with my day.

I’ve been very stressed lately. Like to the point of crying for no reason just because I’m so frazzled. I want to just get away from everyone and everything and just take time to myself and recuperate and take quiet time with God and my loved ones. I’ve been feeling stretched thin, like I’m about to break.

I’ve even started stressing over the fact that I’m so stressed in the first place.

It’s all very stressful.

But I’m convinced that the Lord was pulling on my heart strings to take notice of that verse that day. It was like He was tapping on my shoulder and saying, “Hey, trust me. I know you’re stressed, but if you just give it to me and trust me, you’re gonna be okay.”

That verse was on my mind all the rest of the day yesterday. Then this morning, I got the notification for today and, without thinking, I just swiped it away.

I was going about my day and I started taking on all my worries and troubles on my own shoulders and stressing out about what I had to get done today and stressing over finances, because that’s my main cause of stress, and I went through my whole day today just out of sorts and tired and stressed and moody and just plain exhausted and focused on the things that I thought I had done wrong and all the negatives.

I took Zoey out to go to the bathroom this evening after dinner and while I was out there, I had a thought to check the verse for today. I looked it up and it was Philippians 4:7.

“And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

That verse reminded me of Isaiah 26:3. They’re sort of similar. They’re both talking about the peace of God. Isaiah 26:3 is telling us to trust in Him to have peace and Philippians 4:7 is telling us that His peace will guard us and keep us focused on Christ. I personally believe that they go hand in hand.

I know the Lord used those verses to get to me. Just to kind of say, “Hey. I’m here, trust me, let go, have peace, be with me.”

It was exactly what I needed.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share it with y’all just cause. Maybe some of you are feeling the same way, or maybe you’ve been there before. It’s not a good feeling. But what I have to keep reminding myself of is that the Lord ultimately has everything in control and I don’t, so I need to let go, stop worrying, and give it all up to Him. He knows better than any of us.

I guess I found my point to this post haha 😉

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