Learning From Job

Working Through Job

Here we are, on the 4th of July night, writing a blog post. Most people are probably out watching the fireworks and having bonfires and parties and all that.

I’m not personally a huge fan of fireworks because I know what they do to my poor doggy and I don’t like to see her scared. That being said though, Happy Independence Day! 🙂

So instead of watching the fireworks, I am in my room in some comfy jammies with Zoey curled up on my bed, ears perked up, eyes wide open, watching me sit at my desk to write a blog post.

I’ve been reading through Job for the past couple of weeks, not very consistently, but hey.. I’ve been trying at least. At the same time I haven’t really been feeling well lately. I’ve been struggling with some kind of stomach bug for a little while now and it hasn’t been fun. On top of that, my back and neck have been giving me massive problems as well, AND if that wasn’t enough, my migraines have been like next level migraines. I just really haven’t been feeling my best and I’ve kind of been weighed down with all the physical problems I’ve been struggling with.

So today, I was just completely engrossed in how horribly I was feeling. Not just was I not feeling well, but everything that I tried to do today somehow managed to go horribly wrong. That just made it all fester even more and, let’s just say I was very, very grumpy and down today. It hasn’t been my day today.

But tonight, something pushed me to get back into my reading. So I opened up my bible to Job and started reading some more. I was immediately struck with how easy I have it compared to Job. He had such strong faith that God literally let the devil severely torment him just to show that his faith in God was so strong and loyal. Job went through loss like you wouldn’t believe. He lost his family, his house, his possessions, his friends, even his health, and yet somehow he still held on to his belief and faith in God through all of it.

Did he question God? yes, but he knew that God had a reason. The Lord was using Job for His glory and to show just how strong his faith in the Lord really was.

I was struck by how often the tiniest things upset me, or how often sickness brings me down, or how often I’m hurt by others and I let that fester. I don’t know how Job was so strong in his faith, I feel so weak so often. I know that the Lord is with me and promises to take care of me and provide for me, but so often I find myself just giving into weakness and complaining about the tiniest things. I don’t want to bring others down by my complaining, I want to be a light to lead others to Christ, to help build them up. I don’t ever want to tear others down.

So I guess the lesson that I’m learning from Job is to be in communication with God always, to always be asking for His grace to help me believe stronger, to deepen my faith and my trust in Him. So that through the trials that I seem to be facing more frequently with my health I can believe whole-heartedly in the promises that God has laid down for me in His word. So that I can be strong in Him through whatever burdens come my way. So that I can bring glory to God in my life.

That’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading along! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Learning From Job

  1. This was actually really unique and realistic, which is what I love reading.I’m so glad that you spent your 4th of july the way you wanted.keep writing awesome stuff like you do!I’d love for you to check my blog out too!<33

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