7 Things God Says Not To Do

7 Things God Says Not To Do

Hey y’all! I’m posting this early because I’m excited about it and I couldn’t wait till Saturday to post it! Haha 🙂

I was trying to figure out what kind of post to write for this week and I was reading through Proverbs and just kinda stumbled onto this verse! It’s Proverbs 6:16-19, it reads:

“These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto Him..” and it goes on to list those seven things. I felt drawn to this passage and I wanted to write about it since God laid it on my heart! 🙂

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Let Go and Let God

let go and let God.png

This is kind of a personal post. But it’s something that needs to be said for anyone else who might be struggling with this. So here goes!

I grew up in a broken family and I had a rough childhood. It wasn’t just me, my siblings did too. I started to be sad all the time, and at first, that’s all it was. Sadness. But then this darkness enveloped me and it just took over. I couldn’t stop it. I had thoughts of suicide, I had thoughts of running away, I had anger built up inside me against my family, I had these overwhelmingly negative thoughts in my head and in my heart for so long.

Then I got saved. It was like everything lifted from me and I could breathe again! It was a breath of fresh air! There was a joy in my heart that I couldn’t explain, except that Jesus put it there. His presence with me was such a comfort. He was my best Friend, my loving Father, and my Lord and King. I knew He loved me and I wanted to love Him with all my heart.

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My Testimony

My Testimony

Hey y’all! So here we are again… yet another late post. It’s not my fault though, honest! 😉

I usually keep things pretty light on here, but I thought why not talk about something very dear to me! Most of you probably know that I am a Christian. But probably not many of you know my story.

So today, I thought I would share my testimony with you, because my faith is very important to me. 🙂

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Prayer Journal



Hey guys! I realized that I haven’t done a Christian Living post in awhile and I thought it was a good time for another one. So here we go! 😉 Continue reading


A Personal Story


I thought I would share with you a personal struggle of mine. I have a problem that I think a lot of other people struggle with as well; it’s the problem of becoming complacent and then wanting to move on to the next step even though I may not be ready for it yet. Once I become stuck in that “groove” things begin to revolve around my troubles and I begin to complain and wonder why can’t I have what I so desperately need. However, I’m learning that not all of the things that I want are things that I need. The Good Shepherd knows each of His sheep and He knows what I need. He promises He will provide for my needs and yours if we will trust in Him. So trust in Him! Believe me, if anyone’s got this, He does! 🙂 Continue reading